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Complete TRPG World Kit

$40.99 USD

PRE-ORDER Complete TRPG World Kit

This is a pre-order item. This item is expected to be in stock mid to end October. 

Complete World Kits would include a full world backstory, economics, politics, races, plot, conflicts, and of course a BBEG. They will also include up to 5 NPCs and characters for a party up to five players.

The Complete World Kit will contain:

1. A neoprene game map with the world map printed on it.

2. 5 letter size maps for characters

3. A DM map, which includes any traps or other nefarious things the world may contain.

4. A set of five beasty miniatures.

5. A set of five hero miniatures.

6. One DM Campaign notebook for notes, inspired add-ins, or anything else needed.

7. Custom designed character sheets for each hero character.

8. A set of Dice


This complete TRPG world kit will allow you to complete a campaign with friends or family without having to have anything extra. Everything you need will come in one box. We collaborate with DMs around the world to create this content for you with the intent that you will be able to have enough lore to work with to have a second or third campaign of your own design from the world that comes with our kit. We customize all maps, characters, and character sheets for you. 

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