Curiosities by Hannah is a startup company dedicated to making all TRPG games more accessible and budget friendly for the average person. We are partnering with content creators to facilitate selling Complete World Kits for those that lack the time or knowledge to do so themselves. We want to provide services to TRPG fans by increasing playability, without experience, for newer players. In addition we want to offer different perspectives, for more experienced players. We have found many Dungeon Masters who are so thrilled to be a part of this process. We cant wait to introduce you to our creators in the near future!

View Our Homepage to see what we currently offer. My team and I have a huge passion for TRPG games & believe that the astronomical prices of Official content prevent a substantial number of people from being able to fully enjoy a game that brings people closer and forms a community that is supportive and welcoming.

Not only are we dedicated to making all things TRPG more accessible, budget friendly, and welcoming, for everyone, we want to support the home-brew and custom creators as well. We want our website to be able to connect customers to creators for independent services as well as providing world maps and other accessories related to the experience. We also collaborate with Artisans to sell their hand-crafted unique products. Not only do we want to help foster inclusiveness in the player community, but we also want to encourage creativity in the TRPG community. Creators would retain all rights to their creations.

We are working with a web developer, to make an interactive character creation window, within our website. (Think FFXIV character creation meets TRPG.) This tool will be available to everyone for free and visitors will be able to print out a 2d picture of the character they create free of charge. We also have services integrated with this web tool that will allow the 3D character file the customer creates to be produced into a custom miniature and delivered to them after completion. We do source some items out of country. This will continue only until we get the customer base to justify manufacturer and distribution costs locally in the USA.