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Curiosities by Hannah

Curiosities by Hannah Is a Start-up company dedicated to making TRPG games more accessable and customizable while fostering creative ideas by providing you with solutions to sourcing and concept assistance. We provide ready made 3D terrain and dungeon tiles, Diorama building supplies, Miniatures, Status Rings, and so much more. We are currently working on a project to bring a character creater to the webpage so you can create and print your own designs easily. (think FFXIV character creation meets TRPG) CUSTOM COMPLETELY UNSEEN IN ALL THE LANDS..... COMPLETE WORLD KITS COMING SOON. We found some of the best Dungeon masters to create worlds just for you! We will be offering kits with a world that they built just for you so you can recieve one box and have EVERYTHING you need to play a game.

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Everything you need in one box

pre-order Complete TRPG world Kit

Complete TRPG World Kit - Curiosities by Hannah

Curiosities by Hannah

Complete TRPG World Kit

$40.99 USD

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